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Practice CDA Questions

Start Practicing!

If you are preparing for an upcoming CDA Structured Interview, this page offers CDA Structured dental interview questions to help you practice.

First, we recommend you read through an example from the Journal of Dental Education below, and take note of what constitutes a ‘good’ answer from a ‘poor’ answer.

Then, practice with Astroff Practice CDA Structured Interview Questions: 

  • Question 1: Oral Communication
  • Question 2: Sensitivity to Others
  • Question 3: Self Control
  • Question 4: Conscientiousness
  • Question 5: Judgment and Analysis
  • Question 6: Tact and Diplomacy
  • Question 7: Integrity

Example CDA Questions and Answers from the Journal of Dental Education

You are babysitting your sister’s young child, who is nervous and upset about his mother being away. You are trying to calm him down and offer him some ice cream. As you are dishing out the ice cream, the child bites down hard on your hand. How would you react?

Good Response* Calmly explain to the child that you were hurt by the biting and that it was not a very nice thing to do. Explain to the child that it’s normal to be nervous and upset by his mother being away, but she will return shortly. Tell the child that a better way of showing that you are nervous is by talking to you about it.

Marginal Response* Tell the child that that was not a very nice thing to do, and you check your hand for bite marks. Tell the child that you hope he won’t do that again.

Poor Response* Tell the child that there are some surprises waiting for him if he decides to be a good boy and stop biting or else you will tell his mother about his behavior when she returns.

Source: Amanda Poole; Victor M. Catano & D.P. Cunningham, Predicting Performance in Canadian Dental Schools: The New CDA Structured Interview, a New Personality Assessment, and the DAT, J. Dent. Educ. 71(5), 664, 666 (2007).

Question #1: Oral Communication

You submit work to a group for review. One member is overly negative and changes the majority of your work. What would you do?

Question #2: Sensitivity to Others

You have just entered dental school and a close family member becomes ill. They live out outside the country. What do you do?

Question #3: Self Control

A professor consistently makes demeaning comments to you in class. What do you do?

Question #4: Conscientiousness

You are volunteering in a dental clinic when all of a sudden, the phone starts ringing, a fax arrives, clients appear at your desk, and a courier arrives with a package for your signature. What are your actions and why?

Question #5: Judgment and Analysis

Tell me about a time when you were faced with an ethical dilemma. What did you do?

Question #6: Tact and Diplomacy

An orthodontic patient of yours repeatedly ignores your advice to wear their retainer. What do you do?

Question #7: Integrity

You witnessed a fellow classmate cheating during a professional licensing exam. Would you take action during this situation, if so, what would you do?


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